About Steven Sellers

Steven O. Sellers is a longtime broadcaster, multi-instrumentalist, performer and songwriter who started his career at the age of 14 on his small, local hometown radio station and took his show on the road to places such as Los Angeles, London and Jamaica. Steven resides in San Antonio, Texas where he is a music performer and voice over artist.

Ukulele Hedgehog [PODCAST]


Peace, love, ukulele music, and hedgehogs. What more could one want?? [ Read More ]

I Love To Play The Ukulele In My Jammies [PODCAST]


When my son, Steven, was just 4 or 5 years old, I would practice my ukulele in bed, and he would put on his pajamas and jump up on the bed and listen until he fell asleep. I wrote this song for him and call it “Uke Jammies”.  Enjoy! [ Read More ]

Kay Sah Dee Yah [PODCAST]


Paul McCartney once wondered if the world has “had enough of silly love songs.” Steven Sellers answers no, with this catchy ditty confessing his love for this cheesy Mexican favorite: quesadillas. [ Read More ]