About Shelley Sherman

Shelley Sherman is a Disc Jockey at the The Voice of Peace, a former "pirate radio station" that was housed on a ship floating in the Mediterranean. She lived on and broadcasted from the actual barge in the 80's. She was a DJ at 105 FM WWCK Flints Best Rock in the early 80’s when the station was Billboards top rated rock station and is featured in the documentary Flint’s Best Rock; which is in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Working in the voiceover industry for radio, commercials and video, as well as presentations and E-books, her proudest accomplishment is being a parent together with her loving husband to four beautiful children.

Misunderstood [PODCAST]


Shelley tells some hilarious stories about her wonderful family and the misunderstandings that lead to laughter. Who said being misunderstood was a bad thing? [ Read More ]

Website Mishap [PODCAST]


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Two Dollar Bill [PODCAST]

two dollar bill

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Two Dollar Bills [PODCAST]

two dollar bills

Shelley tells some funny stories about her extended family, including her many cousins names and the consequences of holding onto two dollar bills! [ Read More ]

Seeing is Believing [PODCAST]


Shelley tells the story of her son having a curiosity in all things science. It leads to some pretty funny questions! [ Read More ]

Digging Myself in a Little Deeper Each Day [PODCAST]


Shelley tells a few stories that take place during a funeral. Although a somber time, small moments like these can always spread a smile. [ Read More ]

The Dash in Between [PODCAST]


Shelley tells a story about her wonderful mother and her mother’s hysterical twin sister. [ Read More ]

Sweet Suite Suit [PODCAST]


Shelly tells a tale of two very silly pranks involving two different kinds of suits! [ Read More ]

My Beautiful Bubby


Shelley tells a few wonderful stories about her grandmother, or as she calls her, her bubby. [ Read More ]

Doctor Visit [PODCAST]

Shelley tells us a few times she has had a good laugh while visiting the doctor. Laughter really is the best medicine! [ Read More ]