About Sean Bratton

Sean Bratton is a radio personality, speed skater and professional wrestler. Sean lives in Ft. Wayne, IN and with those interests, he has had the chance to travel all over the continent. Of course that leads to some crazy adventures that he would love to share with you! Follow on twitter @wmeeboomer and facebook at www.facebook.com/boomer.wmee

Wrestling Rib Story [PODCAST]


Sean tells the amazing prank story that takes place in the wrestling industry! It’s a tale to remember… [ Read More ]

The Montreal Skating Story [PODCAST]


Sean tells the incredible story of his time ice skating in Montreal. It may have gone on for hours but at least he didn’t fall- wait, scratch that last part. [ Read More ]

Riding Roller Coasters

roller coasters

Sean Bratton tells a funny true story about riding the roller coasters at Cedar Point on Media Day. [ Read More ]

Lasso’d [PODCAST]


Sean Bratton tells a funny true story about interviewing a championship rodeo competitor and trying to dip, duck, and dive out of his lasso. [ Read More ]

The Real Justin Timberlake [PODCAST]

Justine Timberlake

Sean Bratton tells a funny true story about seeing a Justin Timberlake lookalike at a rest stop. Or maybe it’s Justin Timberlake. Only one way to find out! [ Read More ]

Five Dollars [PODCAST]

independent pro wrestling

Sean tells a hilarious true story about the wonderful world of independent pro wrestling. It’s not as glamorous as it may seem, but the stories are good! [ Read More ]

I’m The Hulk [PODCAST]


What will a grown man do in order to have his friend buy him a collectible action figure? Apparently, this. [ Read More ]

Hang Time [PODCAST]

Hang Time

Sean sees a star from the sitcom ‘Hang Time’ while his friend is in the dressing room trying on clothes. Will he believe it?!? [ Read More ]