About Randi G.

Randi is a radio personality in Louisiana, a wife, a mother to 2, and step-mother to 3, for a grand total of 5!

Pink Cadillac [PODCAST]


Randi G tells a funny true story about driving her radio station’s large, pink Cadillac. Amazing how much recognition radio DJ’s get! … right? [ Read More ]

Pantsplosion! [PODCAST]


Randi tells the story about being part of a public parade shortly after having her first kid.  As she’s climbing onto the float, her pants explode at the seams!  She’s supposed to be atop this float waving to a big crowd… what does she do? [ Read More ]

Career Path [PODCAST]


Randi tries to encourage her 4 and a half year old son to aspire to whatever career he so desires.  He could do WHATEVER he wants! But her son already had a plan for his career path… [ Read More ]

Dad Killed A Raisin! [PODCAST]


Randi remembers those family car rides in their un-airconditioned car… especially the time she threw a raisin at her dad. [ Read More ]