Note For Teacher


My son was writing a note to his kindergarten teacher. As he was writing, he would double check the spelling of his words. [ Read More ]

My Cohabitation Education


During college and graduate school, I couldn’t afford my own place. As a result, I had a variety of roommates over the years.  Here are a few of them. [ Read More ]

Horsey’s Hurt Feelings


My three year old son came home from pre-school visibly upset. Everyday, he napped with a stuffed horse named ”Horsey”. Apparently, today, he had hurt Horsey’s feelings. [ Read More ]

Training Brain


I believe if you asked most marathon runners, they would say the actual race is the fun part of the experience. The training to get you ready for that day? Not so fun. [ Read More ]

Nurse Ivy


My son needed surgery due to an unfortunate tricycle accident. Upon our return home, we were to give him pain medication. The second evening, I was dosing out his medicine. My son approached me and commented, “I like it better when Ivy gives me my medicine.” [ Read More ]

The Marathon Hog


In the fall of 2011, I opted to run my first marathon. I was prepared for fatigue, dehydration, and muscle aches, but not for what I [thought I] saw at mile 20… [ Read More ]

Mosquito Repellent


Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and millions of mosquitoes to go with them. [ Read More ]