About Old Tone

Old Tone is a widowed 84 year old retired University administrator and Graduate School professor; one married daughter, four grandchildren, enjoys the Arts (music, theater, painting), Etymology, travel, reading, loves eating and cooking, limited gardener, devoted Catholic, outdoors man. Banks robbed and parole records available upon request.


I was raised in an Italian household where I spoke Italian to my family and English to everybody else.  This proved very useful, especially when having to translate my parent-teacher conferences (“Tony has been very bad” quickly became “Tony has been a delight to have”). [ Read More ]

At the Swimming Pool: What Lies Beneath


Finally, the day arrived that my family and I would be on our way out of snowy Buffalo and on to our highly anticipated trip to Florida. [ Read More ]

The Deli Dilemma

Lunchtime sounds the Clarion, beckoning students, faculty, staff, visitors, and a wide variety of interesting human beings to congregate in student unions and cafeterias. The excited mixture of sounds, aromatic food, laughter, displays of frustration… a place where all human emotions blend to create an aura of bliss for some and chaos for others. [ Read More ]

Never Too Much Gnocchi

I was the baby of a very, very Italian family. My mother was a tough woman with a kind heart and wonderful sense of humor. She had thick, muscular arms from keeping the home; doing all the cleaning, child-rearing, and cooking. She cooked everything from scratch; from bread to pasta to pastries of all sorts. … [ Read More ]