Mosquitoes, A Can of Raid, and Bonnie’s Wedding Day


It had been a very hot summer that year. My particular neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, was for some reason plagued by mosquitoes that were unusually large and very fond of human flesh. [ Read More ]

Wedding Faux Pas


We all have had our embarrassing moments. It does sometimes seem to me that I have had more than my share of these I-wish-I were–someone-else flashes, but perhaps it’s all in my imagination. [ Read More ]

Bad Hair Days at Costa del Sol


My memories of the Costa del Sol are limited to one week spent in Torremolinos with a girlfriend more years ago than I care to admit. [ Read More ]

My Life With Computers


Marjorie Dorfman has a love-hate relationship with computer (minus the love). Read how she dealt with her first pieces of faulty equipment! [ Read More ]

Cleaning Out The Closets: A Trip Through The Abyss


I can always tell when spring and autumn have arrived and it has nothing to do with budding flowers or falling leaves. It concerns the cycle of life that revolves around summer and winter clothing. [ Read More ]

Some Assembly Required

some assembly required

Marjorie’s entire family doesn’t have a knack for mechanical tasks. So you can image their dread when they read the phrase, “some assembly required”. [ Read More ]

Clutter: A House Multiplied Against Itself Cannot Divide, Much Less Stand


Is your house a mess because there is no place for anything and nothing is in its place? Do you have trouble finding even yourself there on occasion? Read on for some empathy, and hopefully a few laughs as well. [ Read More ]

Inventions That Arent And Should Never Be


Have you ever thought about patenting ideas for inventions that have been milling around in your brain for years? [ Read More ]

My Mother’s Velvet Pants


My mother was a wonderful person. She was a very talented artist and cut from a different mold, as all artists are. [ Read More ]

Getting The Cat To The Vet


Perhaps my recent escapade of transporting my cat to the veterinarian for a surgical procedure will ring a bell, however faint, in the minds of all cat owners, (if there is such a thing). [ Read More ]