About Lorrie Bordem

Lorrie Bordem, your resident Math enthusiast. I teach middle school math and sometimes a little science. I LOOOVEEE reading sad books, and by sad books, I mean math books...because they had so many problems. Get it? Get it?



As a teacher, you often encounter funny and creative answers from your students’ worksheets and tests. Because they know I sometimes merit an extra point for it, they make sure that they give it a shot every single time. [ Read More ]

Toy Brick Truck


One of my student’s father came to visit. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. His truck was covered with toy bricks! [ Read More ]

Vegetarian Birthday Cake


My co-teachers heard that I’m trying to convert to a vegetarian diet, and it was my birthday. So, they got me this “cake.” [ Read More ]

Shoe Repair Advertisement

shoe repair

Even if your shows are perfectly fine, who wouldn’t be convince to try out this ad? Definitely the best shoe repair advertisement I’ve seen! [ Read More ]

Swim in the Rain


It was raining the whole day and someone had decided to enjoy the gloomy weather. Looks like this guy knows how to have fun with the rain! [ Read More ]

In Dog Language


This sign is not only talking to people, but to their dogs as well. Pretty convenient in case a dog knows how to read. [ Read More ]

Free Bus Ride Shadow


I love the painting on the back of this bus. I did not know a shadow can do that. It must be a fun way to get a free ride! [ Read More ]

2-in-1 Motorbike


Story of the Photo: I saw this motorbike parked at the local gas station. It made me realize, why haven’t I thought of this? [ Read More ]

Green Car


Thinking of buying an eco-friendly car? Here’s one from my neighbor. They literally grew their own car. [ Read More ]

Dog Flier


Local flight from Altenrhein to Basel, Switzerland. The dog sitting in front of me behaved well the entire flight. [ Read More ]