About Leanna Wilson

Leanna is a wife, mother and native Texas and became interested in voicing commercials and character voices at a young age when she got her start in radio at the age of 17.  Leanna has beenvoicing & writing voice overs for over 20 years. She voices TV & radio commercials, promo videos for websites and businesses, e-learning, children’s books, iPad, iPhone & mobile apps, phone messaging systems and much more for clients worldwide.  She is passionate about God, her family and voiceovers.

Up on the Roof of the Workshop [PODCAST]

Leanna tells the story of being a curious child wanting to climb atop the workshop roof. How was she getting back down? She may not have planned that far… [ Read More ]

Flying Today [PODCAST]


Leanna tells the story of being a little kid and wanting to fly. But she went a little further than most kids… [ Read More ]

Read The Sign On The Door First [PODCAST]


Leanna tells a funny true story about going to the bathroom at a car dealership. What’s strange about this particular bathroom? [ Read More ]

House Sitting Sister [PODCAST]


Leanna and her sister love playing practical jokes on each other. They’re always funny and harmless, but sometimes, they can have horrible timing. [ Read More ]

Radio Interference [PODCAST]

radio interference

Leanna tells a story about a time she was working in radio and she was having some technical difficulties with… radio interference. [ Read More ]