About Kelly N. Vance

Kelly N. Vance is a professional freelance writer with a B.A. in Psychology and ten years in the fitness industry. Her skills are content writing, editing, cat-wrangling and making up words while claiming they are real. She may or may not have six toes. Send her love letters at http://www.kellyvance.com/wp/.

Fun with Turkey Basters

turkey baster

Turkey baster crafts…. This is what we did after dinner. 🙂 [ Read More ]

Lions, Tigers, And Scorpions… Oh My!


Moving to Arizona comes with an unspoken tacit agreement that in exchange for no tornadoes, earthquakes or shoveling snow, you are willing to deal with an occasional scorpion in your home. [ Read More ]



I am not a parent. I am not a parent on purpose. I relate to animals much better than I relate to children but the state seems to frown upon leaving bowls of food and water on the floor so I knew I’d have to try a little harder. [ Read More ]

The Brides of March


Here in Arizona, there a group called the Arizona Cacophony Society. They host a number of silly playful events.  My favorite is The Brides of March. [ Read More ]

Til Death Shoe Us Part


What’s the worse thing that could happen to the bride’s knee on her wedding day? Answer: Anything. Anything at all. [ Read More ]

Wearing Hats In Ireland

In a moment of silliness, I took a blue feather barrette out of my hair and carefully attached it to Husband’s hair. We called him a pretty boy, continued drinking, and promptly forgot about it. [ Read More ]