Dressed For The Occasion

It was one of those days. It didn’t help that it was rainy and cold. I was frantically trying to get the kids out of the house on time, to do kindergarten drop off, and my three-year-old was not co-operating. [ Read More ]

Diaper Drama


As a busy mom of four children, I often enlist the help of my older kids while I am taking care of the baby. [ Read More ]

Naturally Gifted Runner


I have never been much of a long distance runner… actually it was safe to say I hated running. But when I used my husband’s tech device to track my runs I started thinking, ‘Wow, I may be a naturally gifted runner!’ [ Read More ]

Snake For Dinner


Snakes for dinner? This mom has learned a valuable lesson regarding snakes in the kitchen. [ Read More ]

Potty Trained

potty trained

Is anyone else suspicious when a two year old is quiet? Suddenly, all you can hear in the house is the clock ticking… and you KNOW they are up to something. I tiptoed up the stairs, just in case he was just playing quietly and there he was in his sister’s room playing with her Barbie doll house. [ Read More ]