Pink Slime


With school out for the summer, I try to keep my kids busy with various activities, e.g. craft mornings, $1 movies and the local pool. [ Read More ]

Not So Genius Idea


I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It can make you look totally awesome. Hello, pumpkin-shaped cake for my daughter’s Halloween party. I got a lot of likes on that one. But it can also make you feel like a total idiot; ike the travel pillows for the car that fell apart and turned into … [ Read More ]

Worst Sibling Blame Ever


As a mother of four children, most weekday mornings are harried and rather crazy. On this particular day, I was upstairs making sure my two older children were brushing their teeth properly, while also holding my two year old. [ Read More ]

Home Alone


My husband travels a lot for work so I am used to being alone in the house and checking out any odd noises. [ Read More ]

Photographic Evidence


I have a rule in our house that no one, not anyone is allowed to touch mommy’s phone. Hundreds of dollars of technology in the hands of my four year old son breaks me out in a cold sweat. [ Read More ]

My Husband’s Birthday


The husband’s birthday. I knew I did well this year. I got his present and found THE best hiding place. He will never accidentally find it this year, I thought. [ Read More ]

The Lost Tooth


With your first child, every event is momentous. Case and point- losing their first tooth. I was so excited I nearly cried. [ Read More ]

Butter For Breakfast


America. Land of the free and home of the all you can eat. We were vacationing in California and it was our first ever trip to the United States and we were eating our way through the golden state.  [ Read More ]

Job Celebration


I was excited as I had just applied for an awesome job. I called to confirm they had received my application and actually got to speak to one of the hiring managers. [ Read More ]

Wedding Dress Horror

wedding dress

My wedding day was first approaching and I had bought my dress a few months earlier. [ Read More ]