About Karla Lant

Karla Lant is an experienced freelance writer and editor who has the gall to write about anything she pleases. A regular contributor to various online publications and an author of various nonfiction books including several cookbooks, she continues to write academically because she loves blathering on about Foucault and Gramsci in a medium that allows no word to go unheard. Karla also writes copy and other work to specification and was a contributor to (and original cast member of, thank you!) the a cappella musical In Transit.
A graduate of Columbia Law School, Karla was a trial attorney for about nine years until she came to her senses. During that time she dealt with major felony defense in criminal cases with a focus on forensic science, medical evidence and other technical issues. Karla furthered her education by completing all coursework for the LLM in Biotechnology and Genomics. (Still missing that thesis, though!) All of these pursuits left her with an impressive breadth and depth of technical knowledge as well as a deep, abiding hatred and mistrust for attorneys.
Karla is currently an adjunct professor for Northern Arizona University in business, management, administration, leadership, law and ethics topics. Because she can't seem to stop attending school, she also has graduate training in social sciences including anthropology, sociology, gender race and class studies and related areas. She has an MA from the University of Alabama and a BA from the University of Arizona.
In her spare time she enjoys roller derby, krav maga and other violent pursuits in addition to canning, pickling, baking and cooking at home with her four year old (we don't know, you figure it out).

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