The Shower Cap

shower cap

My girlfriend’s brother was about five years old and he was in love. [ Read More ]

It’s My Party


In my sixth year, I had two birthdays. This was a nicety on my mother’s part, you understand. I had slept through the first one. The night before I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. [ Read More ]

The Wrong Car


It had been a hard day at school. I had moped my way through English, been shouted at in Math and doodled in Geography. [ Read More ]

Granny and the Lion


We used to holiday in the Kruger National Park in northern South Africa. [ Read More ]

Mommy’s Gold Star


I went along with my sister to my niece’s school. They had performed an endearing play about the planets orbiting the “big, golden Sun.” [ Read More ]

Palm Sunday

Do paper airplanes and church mix well? There’s only one way to find out. [ Read More ]

The Biggest Diamond in the World


My sister ran this bush school up in the north of South Africa. They took in groups from the big city and taught them about the wild and the kids took part in events and generally had a pretty good time. The orienteering course was a favourite because it was more of a scavenger hunt … [ Read More ]