Color TV

On the first day of school after our winter break, I was walking across my son’s elementary school campus when one of the girls in fourth grade came up to say hello to me. [ Read More ]

Hugs Only


So, there’s this young muscular guy at my gym who wears the cutest sweatshirt, which doesn’t really match his tough guy persona… [ Read More ]

Questions About Dinosaurs


Fermin, our trip valet, was born and raised in the area and knows a great deal about everything where we were staying. We asked him many questions, but then my grandson, who is four, decided he had to know something, too. [ Read More ]

Boy Versus The Mailbox


Something occurred one day which makes me realize how much we adults take for granted. [ Read More ]

Time Travel

time travel

I work on a consistent basis with children due to the fact that I am a substitute teacher for our local school district. I also have a side business where I cater tea parties for little girls and their mothers. [ Read More ]