About Jonathan Solomon

Jonathan Solomon began his career as a New York based comic, making regular appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman. From there he went on to host MTV’s Awake on the Wild Side, Kid’sTV for NBC, and Short Attention Span Theater Late Night for Comedy Central. Writing for television he was on staff with the Emmy Award winning sit-com, Mad About You, Michael Moore’sTVNation, Payne, Saturday Night Special, Bachelor Life and Conspiracy Zone, among other programs. Jonathan writes humorous essays for the Huffington Post and Politico.Com and can be heard sharing semi-serious political punditry, sports prognostications, observations on stand up comedy, and generally spouting off, at stops on your radio dial from NPR to Sean Hannity to FOXSports Radio, and on podcasts from one end of iTunes to the other. He teaches stand-up and humor writing through Santa Monica College, the Writer’s Store and SAG Conservatory. For more visit SchoolforStandUp.Com

Let Them Eat Steak


Not long ago, I found myself having Sunday brunch in Beverly Hills. I was, (A) Very hungry.  And, (B) Trying to impress someone. [ Read More ]

My First Time

stand up

My First Time I had wanted to be a comedian since I was five years-old, but to get myself to do it for the first time, I needed a push. And so, I played a little trick on myself. [ Read More ]