About Jonathan Robertson

Jonathan Robertson has been telling stories ever since he broke his mother’s crystal candelabra with a big ball of masking tape (“I swear, the dog did it.”). Since then, he’s written a number of short stories and essays, and directed several films. Currently, he produces a television show and uses that as an excuse to travel as much as possible and to pursue his dream of devoting an entire half hour of television to the process of making beef jerky. (Stay tuned.) Feel free to check out his latest films at vimeo.com/jonathanrobertson.

Meeting The Girl From The Internet [PODCAST]

A funny true story about my first internet date.  Story told live at a Smiles For All Story Night. [ Read More ]

WATCH: Jon’s [ITALIAN] Restaurant Suggestion [VIDEO]

Give Jon a city– he’ll give you a restaurant suggestion. [ Read More ]

WATCH: Meeting The Girl From The Internet [VIDEO]

Online dating has become a popular and hip way to meet people nowadays.  Watch Jon hilariously retell about his first online dating experience. [ Read More ]

Jon the ATM


A former boss of mine, Brian, was shooting a commercial for WeHadAMoment.com, and he asked if I could help out.  As a graduate fresh out of film school, I jumped at the opportunity.  The lead actress’s name, for the purposes of this story, was Emma Encore.  (And if you think that’s crazy, her actual name was … [ Read More ]

A Brief Walk Through the Shallow End

Pool Party First Kiss

I’ve decided to tell you a story that I’ve never told anyone completely. In the times I’ve told this story before, I’ve exaggerated certain facts and completely neglected others to bend and mold the story to make myself seem better in some way. But I’ve grown kind of tired of spreading lies about myself to … [ Read More ]