Twenty-one Hot Dogs

hot dogs

On my twenty-first birthday, I received twenty-one hot dogs. Nice! [ Read More ]

Stool Sample

stool sample

Whenever I am asked to produce a stool sample for our annual medical assessment, I always pull out this old joke of mine. [ Read More ]

My Cat Professor


No one believed that I used to have a cat professor in college. This is always my proof to them. [ Read More ]

Mario House


I found this house when visiting a friend in Foix. It’s painted to be Mario themed! [ Read More ]

Snowmen Just Chilling


These snowmen are just chilling on the porch. [ Read More ]

Graffiti Test Run


Yeah, just ignore this graffiti test run. [ Read More ]

Egyptian Motif Winter

Winter in France can be alienated by an Egyptian Motif. This was taken at the nearby streets of my friend’s house. [ Read More ]

Better than Nothing


This bike doesn’t have a lock. But hanging it up in the tree might help. [ Read More ]

Futurama Toilet Paper


Our office has Leela from Futurama in the toilet. [ Read More ]

Uncle Jeremy’s Christmas Car


I remember Uncle Jeremy used to drive his Christmas-themed pick-up truck to our turf on Christmas. [ Read More ]