About Jessica Lee

Born and raised in New England, Jessica has spent the last 15 years as a radio personality in 13 states. Her passion has always been music, but when she's not attending any concert she can get her hands on, she's typically out enjoying her other passion - FOOD. Jessica currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her new husband and two step-daughters. A Professional Voice Over Talent, you can listen to some of her samples at www.voices.com/people/jessicaleedj.

Why Won’t She Talk? [PODCAST]


Jessica learns how to talk very early in life, but all of a sudden stops one day.  Why? [ Read More ]

Leftover Spaghetti [PODCAST]


The receptionist at Jessica’s work brings her some homemade spaghetti and meatballs to try for lunch one day.  Trying not to be rude, Jessica decides not to mention that it tastes a bit vinegar-y… [ Read More ]

Letter Of Complaint [PODCAST]


Jessica tells a funny story about what her nephew recommended she do in order to protest the high gas prices. [ Read More ]