Rocking Chair Shortcut


I bought a do-it-yourself- rocking chair at the hardware store. When my nephew, Ryan, found out about it, he quickly volunteered to help me assemble it. After 3 hours, we finally gave up but he somehow found a way to get me a rocking chair. [ Read More ]

A Grand View


This photo was taken from the “Grand View Terrace” at Mount Rushmore National Park. [ Read More ]

Big Bird is What?

big bird

My 2 year old son had heard me tell my older kids that most of the actors on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” were dead. Then we found Big Bird’s star… [ Read More ]

What is THAT?!


The photo was taken during vacation last December at Venice Beach, CA. This is my eldest son’s reaction to his very first sighting of beached seaweed.  He hasn’t been able to eat nori ever since. [ Read More ]

Business Plan

business plan

The photo is titled “Bisness Plan” and was my 8 year old daughter’s take on the stock market. Apparently her chosen “bisness” took a shower and wound up in the toilet. Looks like we won’t be investing. [ Read More ]