Riding The Massage Chair


We made it to the nail salon right on time. Practically every chair was occupied and my wife looked at me and said that appointments meant nothing in this place. I told her to cool it, she was retired. [ Read More ]

Selling Shoes

A woman entered my friend Bernie’s shoe store, ready to be waited on. She told Bernie she wanted the brown shoe displayed in the window in a size six. He knew exactly the one she was talking about but it puzzled him that she had asked for a six when he was certain she wore at least a nine… [ Read More ]

Meeting The Kingfish


The Kingfish, a legendary boxer, was strong, tough, and he certainly knew how to sell a man a tie. [ Read More ]

Pay-Off Time

bottle caps

Back in the 40’s, on the West Side of Chicago, teenagers didn’t have much of an income stream. One day I heard a rumor that the local Coca-Cola bottling plant was buying bottle caps in bulk. How many caps does it take to make a pound? I was soon to find out. [ Read More ]

Playing Checkers


When we were teenagers, we played checkers when the weather was bad. Since our winters were usually quite brutal, we played all the time. Slowly I improved my play, especially when I started to study books on the subject. I even attempted to play blindfolded but found it much too difficult. [ Read More ]

Up Your Nose With Copenhagen


When I was a teenager I worked for the Copenhagen Snuff and Chewing Tobacco company. The job didn’t last very long and I’m going to tell you the reason why: [ Read More ]

Collecting Stamps, Selling Coins


I had two old coins I had been saving for an eternity and I figured I could take a trip around the world with the proceeds. [ Read More ]

Almost One Biscuit Short


My boss told me to install a faucet for a homeowner. When I rang the bell, his gargantuan dog leaped at me, trying to get any part of me that he could get a grip on. Fortunately, the screen door saved me from disaster. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All