Not Exactly an Athlete


You would think by looking at me that I would be great at sports. Truth be told, I am athletic, but I tend to struggle with the mental side of things like football, baseball, etc. [ Read More ]

My First Time Camping… As an Adult


We all remember camping as a kid. A nice weekend with the family, the outdoors, and great memories. [ Read More ]

That Awkward Time I Was the Only One Naked


Back when I was a teenager there was a local swimming hole we use to go to called “The Rez”. [ Read More ]

Fish in a Lake


Jeremy and his family spend some time at the lake with some friendly friends. Surprises relating to fish are in store during this little vacation! [ Read More ]

Meeting My Best Friend

best friend

It was my first day in the 1st grade, and as a kid I was scared of the new environment. I had it so easy in preschool I mean there where naps, toys, and not that much school work to be done. [ Read More ]

Thanksgiving with Dad


So the beautiful time of Thanksgiving is once again upon us. It is a magical time of family, friends, being thankful, and stuffing your face like no one is watching. Thanksgiving is big in my family, so big actually that even the pilgrims think that we over do it. [ Read More ]

Just Another Show, Right?!

Breaking into the stand up comedy world as a 17 year old means breaking some rules. But really, how will mom and dad ever find out? [ Read More ]