Regular Doctor Visit

When I took my son for his 9 month check up, the Doctor said he seemed to be developing fine. My son had been learning to explore the full range of his voice. So I wasn’t completely surprised when a weird, ungodly noise roared out of him. It sounded like a Velociraptor with heavy asthma. The Doctor slowly … [ Read More ]

“Sleep Deprived Parents”

Ever since my wife and I became parents we have been thinking about forming a band and calling it “Sleep Deprived Parents”. [ Read More ]

Living Together

living together

Living together can be a big step with even bigger (and funny) consequences. [ Read More ]

Culture Differences

After receiving my green card to work in the United States, I landed a job in an office and was keen to see the differences in culture between the United Kingdom and the new country I now considered home. [ Read More ]