About Grace Bleiweis

I was born on a Thursday. I don’t remember this Thursday, I’ve just been told it was, in fact, a Thursday. 17 years later I went to school in Ithaca, NY. I say this because it gives me a chance to sound like I went to an Ivy League school for about five seconds before I have to say, “No, not Cornell. The other one.” I studied television production at Ithaca College which is basically the most fun anyone can have and still call it school. I love being creative. I’m addicted to lip balm. I love buffalo wings. I like the summer olympics more than the winter olympics. I am a Virgo. I enjoy walks on the beach, but not long ones because then it makes it that much harder for you to find your towel and your whole set up. And they say look for your umbrella, but we all buy the beach umbrellas from the same kinds of stores so there are about fifty that look like yours and you think you’ve made it back to your family and a chair, only to discover that is not your family and they don’t appreciate you sitting in their chair. I love making people laugh on purpose. And I often wonder…Most of the time I share my wonderings with the world at @coupdegraceb

This One Time At Band Camp

This one time at band camp, I learned a valuable lesson: If you’re going to pull a prank on someone, make sure it’s the right someone BEFORE you follow through. I learned this by being the wrong someone. It happened many years ago and now I think it’s hilarious. I didn’t at the time, but … [ Read More ]

When Math Meets History Meets… The Field Trip Chaperone

When I was in third grade my class went on a bunch of field trips. Honestly, I’m not sure how they were justified. For example, we were studying the rainforest and so we went to The Rainforest Café. [ Read More ]

Questions For Triplets

There’s one fact about me that really seems to excite people when they find out about it. I am a triplet. [ Read More ]