Hurricane Evacuation Plan


What’s your hurricane evacuation plan? Take out a pen and jot down some notes because this is a plan that knows the meaning of priorities. [ Read More ]

Snacks Around the World


When traveling you might have noticed the exotic flavors for everyday snacks. This is a collection of photos of the delicious/unusual new foods. [ Read More ]

A Bathroom in Thailand

I have always been a fan of funny phrases lost in translation. Towards the end of my journey to Khao Sok, Thailand, I got sea-sick on the boat and when I came out of the bathroom I noticed this sign posted overhead, it just summed up that day in Thailand perfectly! [ Read More ]

Advanced Advertising


I was walking home from a friend’s party, when I saw a piece of advertising hung up in the window of a funeral parlor. It was an odd thing to notice but I was immediately struck by the large print quotes at the bottom… [ Read More ]