About Erin Torres

I’m Erin Torres, a dentist but occasionally volunteers as a nurse. Long story short, I’m a science person and I expect statistical proof whenever possible to convince me and most things. But as I continue to mature, I’ve become more and more impressed by the frequency of statistically highly improbable events. In their very improbability, I began to see the fingerprints of God. God bless and have a nice day everyone!

Working Polar Bear


This polar bear came to his wisest decision. He just can’t linger aimlessly on ice without getting a job. [ Read More ]

Burger Cosplay


They’re called cosplayers. They wear costumes and show-off the artistic sides of themselves. Of all them, these burger cosplayers are my favorite. [ Read More ]

Bread Toast Vehicle


I’m not sure what this vehicle is for but my theory is that the owner is someone who’s always on the go. [ Read More ]

Most Amazingest Bird Dropping


I found this when we came back to our ride. Did the bird draw himself in his own dropping? [ Read More ]

Mom Knows Best


This was inside my daughter’s jacket. Don’t mind it, mom already knew what to do. [ Read More ]

Where’s Shrek


In case you’re wondering where Shrek has been after his last movie, here you go. Found at a nature reserve. I need to find Donkey next! [ Read More ]

Expressway Mascot


I think this is a mascot, found at the expressway, which warns you to drive carefully. [ Read More ]

Grass Car


The grass landscape in one of my neighbor’s lawns has a built in car in it. It’s really eco-friendly by the way. [ Read More ]

Improvised Street Sweeper

street sweeper

As you might have known, we live in the country side. At our village, we often hold beautification and cleaning projects ones or twice a month. [ Read More ]

Star Wars Chess

star wars

My oldest daughter is quite a fan of the Star Wars fan base. She even made this chess set out of it. [ Read More ]