About Danielle Restuccia

Danielle Restuccia is a freelance writer in several industries, including education, healthcare, and insurance. She previously taught middle and high school English, and in her free time, she’s an avid runner and triathlete. You can follow her on twitter @DMRestuccia and check out her blog at www.daniellerestuccia.com

Down The Hatch…


“Ew, you ate what?” It’s a virtual certainty. Go to a foreign country and eat the typical fare, and you’re bound to disgust somebody with your choices. [ Read More ]

Change Me, Please!


Somewhere in Rome, there is a shop with my name. “Danielle,” announces the sparkling store window. Inside, it bursts with buckled ankle boots, soft ballet flats, and killer four-inch heels, all carefully crafted from supple Italian leather. I’ve been there. I’ve tried on countless shoes there. And I’ve made a purchase there, only to discover … [ Read More ]

The Band-Aid


I’m stationed halfway down the side of the gymnasium, back to the wall, a coworker standing silently next to me. As a new teacher, this is the first time that I’ve chaperoned a dance, and I’m sort of curious about being on the other side of things. [ Read More ]

Preschool Dreamboat


Most of my memories about preschool are general: I remember circle time, my teacher playing a guitar while we sang, and falling off of various pieces of playground equipment. [ Read More ]

The Most Dangerous Costume


My middle school self was awkward to the extreme: owl glasses, a bowl cut (I was a serious tomboy), and an unfathomable desire to be in every school play. [ Read More ]

No-Frills Lighting


This is an actual light switch at a house I stayed at while traveling in Ecuador. I admire the family’s no-frills approach to lighting. Plus, the idea of potential electrocution definitely wakes you up in the morning!” [ Read More ]

What, No Chocolate?!?


I’m addicted. Always have been, always will be: I think “chocolate” may have been the first word that passed through my lips. [ Read More ]

A Lemon Of A Story


What does one do with a football-sized shape lemon?? [ Read More ]

I Guess I Don’t Know My Own Strength

Bend, Oregon has some of the nicest mountain biking in the state. With miles upon miles of cross country trails, groomed downhill sections, and terrain parks, it’s any mountain biker’s dream. However, I am not a mountain biker. [ Read More ]

What Grade Are You In?

Let me set the scene: I’m 27, and I’ve been teaching middle school for three years. I have a master’s degree, I’ve traveled the world, and I’ve successfully solicited grant money for research. While I’m short and look relatively young for my age, I manage to command the attention of students with a good degree … [ Read More ]