Thoughts of a Child


When my child Hannah was three she had her own way of looking at things. [ Read More ]

Hannah and I

I am Hannah’s father and Hannah is my daughter, and that’s the way we like it. When she was five years old I took her to see Santa Claus at a local store. [ Read More ]

The Jack Effect


I know a particular dog that is quite strange. He is afraid of leaves, but not pit-bulls. He can stand up and walk on two legs, but routinely falls off of the bed. He will play with you when you are trying to write, and he will sleep when you have time for him. His … [ Read More ]

Mothers And Their Rules


Most mothers have two sets of rules for their kids: universal rules like “don’t touch the oven, don’t play in the street” and custom tailored rules like “don’t call your sister a boy, don’t touch the dog’s face.” [ Read More ]