About Charlie Ray

Charlie Ray is a long-time radio veteran, on the air in Southern California since 1986. He reads commercials for a living, sings country songs for a hobby, gets moral support from his wife Holly, and frequently embarrasses his kids Donovan and Sierra. And, like anyone else who’s been kicking around for 50 years, he has some stories to tell . . .
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Dad’s on the $10 Bill [PODCAST]


Charlie tries to tell his son that his face was on the $10 bill. How does this Dad finally persuade his son? [ Read More ]

Toddler Logic [PODCAST]


Charlie tries to answer his little toddler son’s ambiguous question with grown-up logic.  But his son won’t have any of it. [ Read More ]

CC’s New Name [PODCAST]


Charlie tells the funny true story about taking his daughter Sierra to kindergarten. Since Sierra has a nickname, CC, he wanted to make sure the teacher and kids called her whichever name she preferred. But Sierra had a different idea… [ Read More ]

Potty Protest [PODCAST]


Charlie tells the funny true story about trying to potty train his daughter. She has always been strong-willed, so this was no easy task! How did they finally do it? [ Read More ]

Bruised Ego [PODCAST]


Charlie Ray tells a funny true story about waiting in line at a haunted house with his wife.  Two pretty young girls keep looking at Charlie and whispering.  What are they talking about? [ Read More ]

What Not To Forget [PODCAST]


Next time you have a gig you have to dress up for… here’s an example of what you should NOT forget.  But hey, we all have those moments! [ Read More ]

Country Music Concert [PODCAST]

country music

Charlie and his country music bandmate apply to play at a venue in California with over 50,000 people!! So when they do get accepted, it all seems too good to be true. Wait… is it? [ Read More ]

My First Time In Vegas [PODCAST]


Charlie tells a story about going to Vegas with a friend when he was 18.  Two boys, straight out of Christian school… what could possibly go wrong? [ Read More ]