About Cat

Cat has had a natural affinity for words, language, and creative pursuits since early childhood, so the eventual choice to make writing her life’s work was a natural one for her. She has been working as a professional writer and editor on a full-time freelance basis for over ten years now. Her areas of special expertise as a writer include but are not limited to small business web marketing, social media marketing, professional level copywriting, fine art, food and wine, travel, astrology, and spirituality. In her spare time, Cat enjoys blogging, cooking, painting, and playing the piano. She currently resides on the Central Coast of California with her fiancé and her ginger cat, Cheddar.

Cat is a team writer at Express Writers, a leading US based copywriting agency servicing worldwide clients for all copywriting services.

Sushi Chef Extraordinaire


I’ve loved food and cooking from an early age. I was also more adventurous as far as what I’d eat than most kids were. Now… you’ll recall that like a lot of 10-year-olds, I was completely unfamiliar with sushi. That said, I had no idea a sushi platter was supposed to be served “as is”. [ Read More ]