About Carol Ruth Weber

Carol Ruth Weber has a single mission of dancing people towards results to achieve peace in their surroundings! After attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theater, Carol began her career as a Theatrical Costume and Set Designer. She then used her skills and knowledge to segue deeper within the world of creativity as an Interior Designer, Artist and Writer. Carol understands the anxieties of having to get the show ready for opening night and has honed her organizational talents, business knowledge and her view of laughter-as-the-best-medicine into services to assist others. Carol has worked as a contributing author for various venues including Examiner.com, CBS Local, and Care.com. She can be viewed starring in several eHow video series: Ideas for Home Decorating, Interior Decorating, Back to School: Dorm Life as well as the San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate video series: Interior Decorating. Carol can be contacted at weberlifedesign.com

Funny Storage Ad


Where do you put all of your stuff when moving to a New York City-size apartment? This funny storage company ad reads: “Hey… you wanted to live in Manhattan.” [ Read More ]

Dental Floss: The Scourge Of A Seafaring Relationship


Relationships come and go and there will always be breakup tales to talk of. Usually people grow apart or miles, or another person, will finally put out the final flicker of the flame, but of course I have a unique anecdote about a breakup that I went through years ago. [ Read More ]

Dog Chases More Than Its Tail


Our odd little dog was first named “Shorty”, for his stout legs holding up his large body. Later we added “Herman” after a friend of a friend. [ Read More ]

Can’t You Do Something With Your Hair?!


My Grandmother was always a bit off her rocker but by the age of 100 her dementia worsened when she was living in an assisted living facility in Orlando, Florida near my Aunt. [ Read More ]

Dinner is Served


One evening my friend was over visiting. As we were sitting in my well appointed yet underutilized kitchen, he eyed a large bowl sitting on the breakfast table. [ Read More ]

Blind Ambition in Quest for Caffeine


There are people who believe that coffee is not an addiction but I have proof that it must be. [ Read More ]

Barking Lessons for the Dog

After a day out with his daughters and their dog, this notices that the dog never barks. So he takes it upon himself to teach it how to do so. [ Read More ]

Pain Management Therapy


Carol finds out the most effective form of pain management and it’s a bit unconventional. [ Read More ]

What Does Harold Prince, Bicycles, and Camping Out Have In Common?

Midsummer Night's Dream

College days usually mean studying, fun, and adventurous frat parties. Those of us studying theater at the Art Conservatory at Purchase College had plenty of fun and adventure along with our studies– but not in the conventional college manner. [ Read More ]

The Smoke Alarm That Never Ends


How would you do living in a house with a never-ending smoke alarm? And what if that smoke alarm was also your pet? [ Read More ]