About Andy Lim

Oh, hello! I'm Andy Lim, 30-ish years old, a professional programmer living in Singapore. Interests include photography, history, film, reading, writing, music, erm.. almost everything else really. Notice: I can still be occasionally spotted on a tree.

Perfect Camouflage


I don’t know what kind of bird this is, but he found the nicest spot to match his camouflage. [ Read More ]

Horse Camo


These wild horses are easier to approach this way. They never thought it was me. I can definitely pull off being a horse. [ Read More ]

Drain Slide


I just had a sudden urge to add this to our gutter’s drain. It looks fine. I could really use a vacation right now. [ Read More ]

Cup Block Prank


I came home to this. It was my birthday and the surprise prank was funny. [ Read More ]

Bird Camo


I’ve been sitting here for a good two hours. They still haven’t noticed that I’m not an actual bird. [ Read More ]

Broken Bus Stop


This whiteboard at the windshield of a bus makes you go “DING DING!” [ Read More ]

I Can See Your Future Son


This is my 3 year old son. He always watches me fix the car and is picking up some tricks of his own! [ Read More ]

A Smile from the Cafeteria Sandwich


It was lunch time at work. Usually, I would prefer to eat out but there’s always a reason why I love our cafeteria. Just look at this sandwich! [ Read More ]

Bad Day for Cola


If you’ve seen the picture of the coffee spill by Jessica Ramirez, well I’ve got to say, I’ve experienced something worse. Driving home sure is fun when you’re sitting on cola. [ Read More ]

Well-fitted Compensation [PODCAST]


Andy tells a hilarious travel story that had its ups and downs; from the cab ride to the flight! [ Read More ]