About Amelita Lijek

Born and raised in a Boston suburb, Amelita is heart-breakingly Boston-accent deficient. This deficiency, among many others, has driven her survival instinct to find the humor in all things, even if they are not cat-related. An avid writer, tweeter, and sleep-enthusiast, Amelita can be found regularly cavorting around New York City improving (IM-prah-ving), sketch writing, and seeking out free samples and Wifi (WHY-fy). She also has carefully cultivated Twitter (@aaaamelita) and SoundCloud (soundcloud.com/aaaamelita) accounts, both of which will most likely be cited either as a) her first ventures into a wildly successful comedy career or b) her first ventures into a wild descent into madness or c) a little bit of both.

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t


While studying abroad in the Czech Republic, Amelita agrees to cook the turkey for a dorm-wide Thanksgiving feast. But she had no idea how hard it would be! [ Read More ]

How to Fit in the Mind of a First Grader

One day, when I was in first grade, my teacher was leading us in making a chart about tooth loss. [ Read More ]

A Hole New World


I was always a very determined or, as anyone who wasn’t my parents would say, stubborn child. [ Read More ]

Walk This Way (Or Any Way. Just Walk!)

Anyone who has ever lived in, or even been in, New York knows how noisy, energetic, and sometimes tiring the city can be. On a day when I was noticing all of these things with a particular touch of hypersensitivity, I decided to take a walk and see if I could find a bit of … [ Read More ]

Ode to Banana [PODCAST]

Bananas finally get the love they deserve in this eloquent reading. [ Read More ]


Like most toddlers, I loved putting things in my mouth. So when I looked at the new decorative owl-shaped candle my mom bought at the farmer’s market, the only protrusion from its ovular shape being a golden-yellow beak, I saw one thing: CHEESE. [ Read More ]

Ees a Weeg [VIDEO]

So a man walks into a Starbucks… [ Read More ]

Wait…Do I Believe in Magic?


I don’t remember a big, heartbreaking fall from innocence, but rather a casual nonchalance about Santa actually being my parents. NBD (No Big Deal), as long as they made with the presents each year! But there was one mystical being with which I couldn’t reconcile, and that was the Tooth Fairy. [ Read More ]

LOL– 21st Century Parents

Amelita's Father

One of the best things about being an adult is loving, rather than loathing with extreme embarrassment, the ridiculous things that my parents do (“Ugh Mom stop being so supportive of me!!” “Dad, I don’t need a ride! Jeeze!”). [ Read More ]