About Amanda Rountree

Amanda Rountree is a writer, performer, director, and teacher based in Chicago. Her one-woman show is touring soon, check it out at amandarountree.com! Follow her on twitter for some free laughs! @AmandaRountree1

I Am So Cute


I am so cute. I’m not being arrogant.  Listen, “cute” has never been my first choice.  “Sexy” is what I’ve always wanted to be.  But hey, I know I’m not sexy.  I’ve never been sexy.  And I probably never will be.  It’s important to know what you are. [ Read More ]

Encounters With Wildlife

Today, I ran into a squirrel. I literally ran into a squirrel. Now, I realize that the word “literally” doesn’t carry any weight anymore, since many dictionaries have decreed that it no longer means what it used to mean. So I shall say it this way: I actually, really, truly, and matter-of-fact-ly ran into a … [ Read More ]

The Great Pantsing Incident of 2012

While I was waiting for the results of my x-rays in the emergency room, my boyfriend looked at me and asked, “Was it worth it?” [ Read More ]

Smiles For All