Nathen Meets The Vegetarian Cow


Every now and then, when my grandchildren are paying a visit, they help me out with some of my farm chores. My grandsons love the cows. Nathen, the youngest, likes to pay them a visit on his own from time to time and talk to them. [ Read More ]

Funny Church Sign

church sign

This church sign has been gracing a busy highway in South Central Pennsylvania all winter. I wonder if they’ll change it soon now that there is a hint of a spring on the way? [ Read More ]

My Step-Daughter’s Unexpected Passenger


My step-daughter, Elizabeth, is a nurse’s aid. She was on her way to work one day and stopped off at our house to drop off her children for me and my wife to watch while she worked her shift. We live on a 52-acre farm. [ Read More ]

Nathen and His Diapers


Nathen, my grandson, was barely a year old. I was the designated diaper changer as he and his older brother and sister were living with me and my wife at the time. [ Read More ]

Nathen and the Bicycles

While working one day at my home office I heard a commotion outside. I decided to open the front door and see what was going on. My three grandchildren were visiting and were outside playing. [ Read More ]