About Adaeze Elechi

Adaeze Elechi is a Nigerian writer and filmmaker. Her works have appeared in Guernica Magazine, JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies, and have aired on Nashville Public Radio. Her films have screened at the St. Louis International Film Festival, the San Diego Black Film Festival, and the Female Eye Film Festival. She and her pet cactus live happily in Brooklyn, NY.

The Broken Table [VIDEO]

Adaeze tells the funny true story about her time in boarding school, facing punishment for a table she didn’t even break! But she knows who did… [ Read More ]

Proper Hair Etiquette [VIDEO]


Adaeze recalls a date that went awry because the guy couldn’t keep his hands off her new hair-doo. [ Read More ]

LISTEN: I Have A Dream (Diary) [PODCAST]

dream diary

We all remember high school differently.  Whether it’s through pictures, videos, trophies, or love letters.  Emily looks back at high school through her subconscious– aka the Dream Diary she kept. Adaeze learns more. [ Read More ]

LISTEN: Being Jeff Bridges Podcast

Jeff Bridges

Some dream of sugar plums, others dream of money trees. Others dream of fame, world peace, or pizzas the size of flying saucers.  Then there are others, like Adaeze, who dream of being Jeff Bridges [ Read More ]

Slaughterhouse Five Train [VIDEO]


Adaeze Elechi shares this encounter at Smiles For All’s first Story Night; an F Train tale that involves an otherworldly moment with a Kurt Vonnegut classic, a fellow subway rider, and a bookmark.  And so it goes… [ Read More ]