Hey, You Done?


My dog and cat’s litter box use to be in the bathroom. We even bore a passageway in the door for the pets. But when they grew bigger, we transferred it outside. [ Read More ]

Reading with Friends


Here you see my friend’s son, Vasyl. He’s really kind to everyone. He even befriended these two! Looks like he and his new friends like to read. [ Read More ]

Waiting for a Prank


This picture may either depict the long wait I was experience for the delivery guy or my desire to pull a prank on him. [ Read More ]

Cannibal Pumpkin


This was some of the Halloween pumpkin aftermath. Pumpkins at our market are not as big but we sure make the most out of it! [ Read More ]

The Trick-or-Treating Dogs


Just last Halloween, Mallows, Simi, and Remi had their first trick-or-treating session. They’re my cousin’s dogs. [ Read More ]

Like a Boss


As you can see from this vintage photo, my great great grandmother has her own way on dealing with her issues. She’s a true boss! [ Read More ]

Ceiling Snowman


The stain left by the rain at the office where I used to work has transformed into a snowman! [ Read More ]

Rock Star Snowman

snow man

There is this headless rock star sculpture outside of this Jazz bar in Vologda, Russia. Not until wintertime when it becomes the rock star snowman! [ Read More ]

Star Wars Demotion

star wars

Looks like R2D2 got demoted after the Star Wars series. I wonder, where is C3PO? [ Read More ]

Shark Watermelon


This Shark Watermelon was found at a gathering for food and art lovers. [ Read More ]