About Abby Smith

Abby Smith is a ginger lady born and raised in The Shire (New Hampshire that is). She now lives in Los Angeles and spends her days burning in the sun and wishing southern California got more snow. If she had a cow she would name it Moolan. You can follow her on Twitter @ReddHede or on Tumblr at aellensmith.tumblr.com

The Real Life Ferris Bueller

ferris bueller

There is no doubt in my mind that my brother is the real-life version of Ferris Bueller. No matter what he does, Brad somehow ends up smelling like roses at the end of every story. This isn’t just some lucky streak either. Brad has always been like this. [ Read More ]

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat


It seems everyone has at least one fun or crazy relative. Mine would be Uncle John. He is a goofball who is always up for a good laugh and is a phenomenal storyteller. [ Read More ]

Taking A Digger: What It Means And What It Doesn’t

funny sayings

Slang fascinates me. How did those words and phrases come to be? Who were the first ones to use them? How did it catch on? While some slang can be traced to different people or regions, others are a complete mystery. The one that I can’t figure out, and that has created some awkward situations, … [ Read More ]

The Disappearance of Reggie

Most days our lives don’t mimic movies. I find this to be a tragedy since I would really love Joel Edgerton to come sweep me off my feet (or his brother Nash… either is acceptable). Once in a while, however, it seems like moments in our day come straight from an IMAX screen. Normally this … [ Read More ]

Dear Dad, How Could You?!

Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I’ve got a present for you that I think you’ll like. Remember that time you did that embarrassing thing? I FORGIVE YOU! [ Read More ]

Coaching Kids: “Little White Lies Aren’t All That Bad”

White lies aren’t terrible. Sometimes, they’re needed to make a friend feel better or to diffuse tension until a problem is solved. Other times, they are hilarious. [ Read More ]