An Apple Customer Service Rep A Day…

Golden Delicious Apple

February 2, 2013— Dear Diary, my wife and better two-thirds, Chocolate Malt Shake, will never ask for directions, but I will ask even if the chance of being lost is small.  She is tech savvy.   Me, not so much.

Well, today I was having trouble syncing my contacts between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone.  I didn’t hesitate to call a customer service representative at Apple.   I will call him Gala Apple.  When Gala asked how he could help me, I immediately rattled off my litany of complaints:

“I want to be taller, better looking, and my computer won’t sync properly to my iPhone.”  Gala shared that he too wanted to be taller and better looking but was unable to help me (or himself) in these areas. He also needed to refer me to a senior technical adviser to solve the technical problem.  For purposes of this story, I give the name of this amazing technical adviser Golden Delicious (my favorite type of apple).

Needless to say, I started in with Golden Delicious by moaning roughly as follows: “Gala could not help me be taller, be better looking, nor sync my iPhone and computer.

Golden Delicious responded, “Well, I am tall, handsome, and smart, so….”  We went back and forth, agreeing that he was good at fixing things and I was good at breaking things.  He added that given how often women approach him on the street to give him their phone numbers, syncing contacts is an essential capability.  We both knew he was joking, at least regarding it happening so frequently, but this tech guru did describe it as an “occasional happening”.

Needless to say, Golden Delicious quickly solved the problem, and I was back in tech heaven, if only for the moment.  As the conversation was coming to an end, I asked:

The Big Milkshake: Well, you know I was teasing you, but hopefully you were having some fun?

Golden Delicious:  I was.

The Big Milkshake: I bet you say that to all the customers.

Golden Delicious:  Only the pretty ones!!!

Pretty? Ouch!!

Thank you Gala and THANK YOU Golden Delicious for both the tech solution and the Milkshake Moment!