Alan Repeatedly Showed His Generosity

Alan on Rock

September 20, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, I have often noted that Alan, was the most playful man I ever met.  However, as I got to know him, I also came to understand that his generosity was no less amazing.

Previously, I noted that when hosting a party, he would relish when giving a beautiful toast in which he would make all family and friends present feel warm and fuzzy and then invite everybody to enjoy the cash bar.

As an additional demonstration of  his generosity, I recall how Alan would call me up, suggest we have lunch, and tell me lunch was on him.  He would then say, “To further show you the kind of guy I am, please have the large fries and large Coke with your Happy Meal!”

Large Coke and Fries

Yea Alan, that is the kind of guy you were.

PS.  Lunch was always quite a bit nicer than a Happy Meal, although the meal was always happy.