A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…or $45

Picture of $45This has to be one of my favorite funny stories of playful mischief I’ve ever heard.   It happened a lifetime ago (all the way back in 1991!), but it’s silliness lives on for eternity. 

A California man, Steve Barkley, was caught speeding by a hidden traffic camera.  He received a ticket in the mail for $45, complete with the photo of his car caught in the act.  Mr. Barkley promptly sent back a picture of $45. The Campbell Police Chief then returned the sentiment, sending Mr. Barkley a picture of handcuffs.  Not surprisingly, $45 real dollars were soon sent as reimbursement.

For years, the Internet has been abuzz as to whether or not this story was true.  We here at Smiles For All had to dig deeper and find out the truth.  A call to the Campbell Police Department answered the question once and for all.

Sgt. Joe Cefalu told us that yes, the story really did happen!  Campbell Chief Jim Cost had sent back the picture of handcuffs, and the whole incident remains legendary within the Campbell PD!