A Letter and Thank You From The Big Milkshake

The Big Milkshake on a Good Hair Day, Sporting His Avatar

January 18, 2016, To My Beloved Smiles For All Community,

Today’s post will be the last new post on our Site for the foreseeable future.  Thereafter, all 1,463 stories, photos, podcasts, and videos from our permanent collection will show up on a random basis.  You will continue to be able to find them by category, author, and the other search features on the Site.

It is a privilege to be part of this community.  Your contributions have provided and no doubt will provide so many with so much laughter and so much joy.  Please know how grateful I am to be one of these people.

So many internet sites wrestle with the challenge of maintaining supportive and upbeat comment sections.  When starting out, concern about this issue and how to potentially handle it consumed massive amounts of our time.  We need not have been concerned.  If memory serves, we have had to delete less than five comments in the history of the site to date.

In fact, what I could not have anticipated but certainly hoped for is that this site’s comment sections have become (at least in my opinion) one of the funniest, supportive, and kindest in media history.  Again I thank you.

To this day, I still don’t really know what to say when somebody asks me, “What is Smiles For All?”  You’d think I’d know by now.

But here are my three best answers for today:

— Smiles For All is showing up at the airport to pick up a member of your family, and he or she can find you because you’re holding up a piece of cardboard with the word “SWEETIE” on it.

— Smiles For All is about the man with depression who I’m told had his propane tank painted green to match the color of the anti-depressant Prozac and then wrote on his tank, “One Million Milligrams”.

— Smiles For All is Alan’s facilitating two 10-year old boy’s getting together by asking one if he was a married man or a bachelor and, upon confirming that the boy was a bachelor, introducing him to the second boy by saying, “you guys are both bachelors; you’ll enjoying hanging out with each other.”

With my love, admiration, and gratitude,


The Big Milkshake