A Helping Hand

helping hand

When I was a child I loved to help other people and I was always the first person to jump up and offer assistance.

One Sunday after church my mother, my brother, my sister and I were driving slowly down the main street of our small country town, when my mother observed an elderly woman fall down to the ground under the weight of two large bags stuffed with groceries. She stopped the car and told me to jump out and help the elderly lady get back up. In my haste to run over to help, I did not notice the big sign on the edge of the sidewalk. I plowed right into the sign, smacking my head and immediately falling to the ground. When I looked up, the elderly lady was standing over me asking me if she could help me up. As the kind, elderly lady helped me up all I could hear was my Mother and siblings roaring with laughter from the car. Sometimes you start out to help someone else and get an unexpected helping hand.

(photo courtesy of Lim Seng Kui/Dreamstime.com)

Smiles For All