A Hairy Situation

Justin ShavingAlways wanting to look and dress like I have some semblance of my life in order, I try to shave daily.  Living with three roommates in one small apartment, however, means bathroom vacancy has become a rare luxury.  It’s every man for himself in the morning, and I’m a pretty bad fighter when I haven’t had my coffee.  This means I have to occasionally get creative.  Like my hunter-gatherer ancestors before me, and many other recent college graduates, I must pick up my belongings, scour the land, and find a place to self-groom.

In this particular instance, I found myself cleaning up in the bathroom of Au Bon Pain, a French-style bakery chain and in this case, makeshift barber shop.  Yes, this is what being twenty-two years old and living in New York City sometimes requires. Sure, I could just try waking up before my roommates, but c’mon, where’s the fun in that?

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