Archives for April 2014

Funny Church Sign

This church sign has been gracing a busy highway in South Central Pennsylvania all winter. I wonder if they’ll change it soon now that there is a hint of a spring on the way? [ Read More ]

Loco Gringo

The setting for this story is Ixtapa, Mexico on one of our infrequent vacations. I was told to be very careful of the treacherous undertow but daredevil that I am, I paid no heed to this. [ Read More ]

Command Performance

After my double fainting spell surrounding our first home birth, you’d think my wife Dolly and I would find the hospital a far more attractive option the second time. Somehow, though, it never even came up for discussion. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Jello, Foosball, and Microwavable Pizza

Get laughing this Tweet Tuesday with these silly tweets. [ Read More ]

Putting Gas In The Car [PODCAST]

Filling up your gas tank might seem like a normal, easy task to accomplish on any given day. But believe us, it can go terribly wrong.  And when it does, you can be grateful for all the times you’ve done it right! Just ask Wendy. [ Read More ]

The Nutcracker

My grandmother was very special to me. She made me her first assistant when it came to making challah. It seemed like magic to me when she took a large lump of dough, kneaded it, and when it came out toasted from the oven, it was incredibly delicious. [ Read More ]

When I Was Taller – A Parent’s Story

Many years ago, I was leaving the pediatrician’s office with one of my sons. [ Read More ]

Cleaning the House: A Study in Procrastination

If you are anything like me, the very last thing you would choose to do out of a list of a hundred possibilities, is clean the house. [ Read More ]

My Recourceful Scout

Before leaving for girl scouts one evening, my daughter couldn’t find a clean handkerchief. I wanted her to be responsible so I reminded, “A good scout thinks for herself.” [ Read More ]

UPS Only Ships Dead People

April 26, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, I recently went into a UPS store and asked, “What would it cost to ship my teenager to some place he can’t get back from?”  I thought this was a fair question. [ Read More ]