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Colorful Ribbon on Everything

March 29, 2014– My Dear Secret Diary, I have always thought it makes a ton of sense to put an identifier like colorful ribbon or the like on one’s baggage to make sure it isn’t mistakenly taken at the airport baggage claim.  [ Read More ]

My First Time Camping… As an Adult

We all remember camping as a kid. A nice weekend with the family, the outdoors, and great memories. [ Read More ]

Dressed For The Occasion

It was one of those days. It didn’t help that it was rainy and cold. I was frantically trying to get the kids out of the house on time, to do kindergarten drop off, and my three-year-old was not co-operating. [ Read More ]

Getting Your Home Organized: Old Habits Die Hard

Someone once said that life is too short to get organized. [ Read More ]

Dog and Cat Call

I was at a grocery store when I saw a box marked “Dog and Cat call – guaranteed to work!” [ Read More ]

Mrs. Lucky

When the kids were small tots, life was hectic for my wife, Gloria. I decided to take her to Las Vegas for a short respite because my parents volunteered to baby sit. [ Read More ]

Cow in the Desert

Here’s are a photo of a giant cow statue on the California-Nevada border near Death Valley. The cow is designed to promote a nearby hotel and casino, but to me she looks kind of lost. [ Read More ]

Warm Thoughts

This morning was another extremely cold start to the school week here in Wisconsin. [ Read More ]

Tippy Canoe

When I was in high school many years ago, I decided to join the Boy Scouts. I didn’t have any real reason to do so; it was just something to do. [ Read More ]

You’d Lose Your Head if it Wasn’t Screwed On

We all met up at a small restaurant on Koh Samui, a palm-blanketed gemstone of an island in the Gulf of Thailand. [ Read More ]