Archives for January 2014

Hugs Only

So, there’s this young muscular guy at my gym who wears the cutest sweatshirt, which doesn’t really match his tough guy persona… [ Read More ]

Peculiar Hand Dryer Instructions

The real problem is after using this hand dryer I’ll have to wash my hands again. On the plus side, I’m going to save a fortune on jelly-fish. [ Read More ]

Flavorless Rebellion [PODCAST]

A young girl isn’t having too much fun at church so she decides to rebel (or at least her version of rebellion). [ Read More ]

Not So Flexible Spectacles

I have been wearing glasses since I was in second grade. Like a fish survives in water, never really knowing that it exists for its ubiquity, I wear glasses. [ Read More ]

Teaching Middle School Geometry

My first year of “real teaching” found me in a 6th grade class – Middle School – where teachers age like the president  – teaching math. While I am proficient at math, it is not my favorite subject. [ Read More ]

Microwave-Side Chat: Remembering Who You Are [VIDEO]

Let’s face it, we all have those moments when we cannot remember who we are. We look in the mirror and ask, “Who am I?” The Big Milkshake is back again with a helpful tip that will help you to always remember who you are. [ Read More ]

The Greater “Knead”

When my then 4-year-old daughter won a cash prize in a spelling bee contest, I thought she’d buy herself the doll that she’d wanted. [ Read More ]

Nathen and His Diapers

Nathen, my grandson, was barely a year old. I was the designated diaper changer as he and his older brother and sister were living with me and my wife at the time. [ Read More ]

A Winning Smile

When my son was one year old, we decided to have his picture taken by a professional baby photographer.  I selected a very fine photographer, and when we arrived he had my son pose for him in various natural poses.  Fortunately, my son was in an extremely good mood, and it went well. [ Read More ]

Watching What Grandpa Likes

Whenever I visit the in-laws, I usually end up hanging out with Grandpa. We get along well and he’s pretty vibrant and active for someone we believed to be around 85. Not one’s really quite sure. [ Read More ]