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Tweets We Like: Hula Hoops, Jam Bands, Crayons & More

12/24/13- Tweets to tweet about! This week’s funny tweets! [ Read More ]

Fire Prevention Week

About 3:00 AM I felt my wife’s sharp elbow prodding me in the ribs. “Wake up,” she said, “the house is on fire.” [ Read More ]

Cool To The New Fridge

My husband and I had been looking at refrigerators for a while, but we weren’t ready to commit to one. [ Read More ]

Ball Obedience School

This cartoon describes an obedience school that’s a little different than the rest. [ Read More ]

Ladies First? Indeed! Here’s Why. (Hint: Think Canary)

December 28, 2013– Dear Secret Diary, basic Internet searches and what I have picked up suggest many reasons for the “Ladies First” policy.  “Chivalry” is of course an important one, but it is just one.  [ Read More ]

Non-Traditional Rejection

When I was 27-years-old, I decided to take a summer course- Intermediate German- at a local university. I thought the course would be a good distraction from my mundane job at the time. [ Read More ]

Considerate Dentist

It’s so hard to find the right dentist these days. But finally, via gorgeous bright neon, we have found the dentist for us! [ Read More ]

Down The Hatch…

“Ew, you ate what?” It’s a virtual certainty. Go to a foreign country and eat the typical fare, and you’re bound to disgust somebody with your choices. [ Read More ]

Lady With The Magic Hands

Last year, my husband and I had a bakery that sold heart healthy dessert breads like pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, sweet potato bread and banana bread, to name a few. [ Read More ]

Custom Ornaments

Being from a family of four, most of the ornaments hanging on our family’s Christmas tree are handmade. Frumpy looking Santa Claus’ made out of pop cans, doves made out of construction paper, the classic spray painted macaroni ornament, and many others. [ Read More ]