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Presents That Made Me Laugh

November 30, 2013– In the past two weeks, I heard about two hysterical birthday presents. [ Read More ]

Oreos: An Addiction

I relish my Double Stuf Oreos, which, according to the latest reports, is commensurate with cocaine in their addictive power—prompting, as they do, pleasure-center neurons to discharge with the same vigor as hardcore drugs. [ Read More ]

Snakes in the Garage

Okay, the title is misleading. I only found one snake in the garage, but one snake is one too many. Snakes don’t belong in the garage. [ Read More ]

The Band-Aid

I’m stationed halfway down the side of the gymnasium, back to the wall, a coworker standing silently next to me. As a new teacher, this is the first time that I’ve chaperoned a dance, and I’m sort of curious about being on the other side of things. [ Read More ]

Meeting The Kingfish

The Kingfish, a legendary boxer, was strong, tough, and he certainly knew how to sell a man a tie. [ Read More ]

The Brides of March

Here in Arizona, there a group called the Arizona Cacophony Society. They host a number of silly playful events.  My favorite is The Brides of March. [ Read More ]

Microwave-Side Chat: Zach Will [Not] Grow Up [VIDEO]

Zach talks with The Big Milkshake about his hair, pretending to be a grown up, and playing in parks (or the lack thereof).  A hilarious interview! [ Read More ]

MeLisa and Ryun: Our Homegrown TV Trailer About Our Life [VIDEO]

MeLisa and Ryun are two parents with a less-than-normal life.  They chose to adopt 6 kids. The first 3 were adopted ten years ago and the most recent set of three siblings… well that was about a year ago. They have a huge heart to spread humor, the message of adoption, and the power of positivity. [ Read More ]

Is It You Or The Answering Machine?

Back in the late 1980’s we thought that VCR’s were the hottest technology for one to own. Cell phones were basically reserved for the wealthy who had the money to use them and hire an assistant with the upper body strength to carry around the brick sized contraptions.  Not only were VCRs hot, but most … [ Read More ]

Snake For Dinner

Snakes for dinner? This mom has learned a valuable lesson regarding snakes in the kitchen. [ Read More ]