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Some Halloween Love For People Without Costumes

Dear Secret Diary.  Today was Halloween, and I know folks enjoy being complimented on their costumes.  But this doesn’t mean that those not wearing costumes can’t also feel some love. [ Read More ]

The Real Meaning of Halloween

In the chaos of holiday traditions, it’s common to overlook or forget the true reason for celebration.  [ Read More ]

Pizza Party

Like many college grads, I had a bit of in-between time before I was offered my first college degree job, so I took a part-time gig at a small pizza place. It was off the books, & I made a surprisingly decent wage at the end of the week. But sometimes jobs don’t work out. … [ Read More ]

Today Was The Best Day Ever

October 30th, 2013, Dear Secret Diary– Today was the best day ever! [ Read More ]

Fraud Alert [VIDEO]

A classic epistolary tale of identity theft. Chills! Thrills! Questionable bank statements! [ Read More ]

Not-So-Scary Stories [VIDEO]

The scarers at Horseman’s Hollow in Sleepy Hollow, NY tell us funny stories about scaring people during the Halloween season. [ Read More ]

Stand-Up Comedian: Simon Cadel [VIDEO]

Why is buying orange juice so confusing? What’s so weird about the English language? Why do so many people go to Ikea? All this and more in this hilarious stand-up set! [ Read More ]

Hayrides and Mudslides

As a child, my family and I would take trips out to a farm to a pick pumpkins and ride a spooky hayride. One year I learned a valuable lesson about keeping my hands in the vehicle at all times. [ Read More ]

To Do: Call The Responsibles

Adult responsibilities are lame, am I right?! If only we had the superhero team The Responsibles to help us… [ Read More ]

Looking For A New Date Idea? What About Grand Theft Ice Cream?

Taking your date out for ice cream, although a tried and true date idea, is not the most original one.  But we have a new twist on the old idea that could lead to a really memorable date: “Grand Theft Ice Cream!” [ Read More ]